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Application for participation in the Open competition of business ideas for small business


1 Application for participation in Competition should contain the following information on the title page:

– name of the project;

– Author’s (All members’ of the group of authors) name/names;

– place of work/study;

– address;

– contact phone number;

– e-mail.


  1. Further description of the business idea according to the plan:


  1. Business summary:

Specify the name of the project, describe the idea, specify the purpose of the business idea.

Specify the relevance of this project.

Why is the project innovative? What distinguishes this idea from similar already existing ideas? What is its originality?


  1. Description of products/services:

If the business idea involves production of goods, describe the goods: material; dimensions; purpose of use; requirements for the manufacturer (education, professional requirements), the required number of people for the production of one item.

If the business idea involves the provision of services, describe a service: algorithm (a plan, a list) of actions that make up the service; who provides the service (education, professional requirements), how many people you need to provide the service.


  1. Organization of labor:

Select the form in which activities will be carried out (self-employment, handicraft, private unitary enterprise). Why is this form most effective for your business idea?


  1. Market analysis:

Describe the buyer (consumer), on whom your business idea is focused. For whom do you produce a product or provide a service?

What geographic territory can your business cover: city, region, the whole country, etc.?

Rate competition in the market in the field of your business idea. Are there many similar proposals from other sellers/ manufacturers?

Describe the advantages of your business ideas before. Why is your product/service better than others?


  1. Financial projections:

Calculate start-up capital and describe how it should be spent. How much money is needed to start the business?

Calculate expenditure for a month, define the costs. How will the money be spent every month to produce the product or service?

Specify the price at which a product/service will be sold.

How many products can be produced or how many services can be provided per month according to your business idea?


  1. Outlets and ways of promotion:

Where do you plan to sell your products (shop, online shop, fair, etc.)

How will you promote your product/service? How will you inform people about the product/service and its advantages?


  1. Social effect:

Describe the overall positive result, which the society will get in the process of implementing the business idea.

Describe the possible degrees of participation of people with disabilities in the business idea. Is a person with a disability able to realize this business idea? Can a person with a disability implement the business idea by himself or with partners or assistants? Will people with disabilities be able to participate in the whole process or in a particular part of the implementation of the idea?


  1. Available resources:

Information about existing resources (if any). What resources do you have for the implementation of the project? Determine a minimum investment size. What else do you need?

If the project is already under implementation, describe it.


  1. Enclosure:

Attach, if necessary, photos, videos and other materials that help illustrate your idea.

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