Центр развития предпринимательской активности молодых людей с инвалидностью "Узел"

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Tying ideas to opportunities in the West: “Uzel” in Grodno


A seminar “Build your business from scratch: the basics of entrepreneurship” was held on 10 – 11 November, 2016 in Grodno city employment center. The event was organized by the Centre for development of entrepreneurial activity of people with disabilities “Uzel”, the Department of labour, employment and social protection of the Grodno city Executive Committee, Committee on labour, employment and social protection of the Grodno regional Executive Committee. The seminar was attended by young people with disabilities, employees of Grodno and Grodno region territorial centers of social service, entrepreneurs from Minsk and Grodno, lawyers in the field of entrepreneurship.


The seminar was very informative. During the seminar the participants learned the difference between commercial and non-commercial activities, and also about cases, in which it is not necessary to register as an individual entrepreneur. Much was spoken about individual entrepreneurship, handicraft, personal part-time farms.


We talked about the algorithms of paying taxes and the ways of registration of products. Of particular interest was the topic of choice of activities in business, marketing and promotion in social networks. Outside the program at the request of the participants we touched upon the topic of crowdfunding.


The meetings with successful entrepreneurs were also interesting for the participants of the seminar. According to the participants, those meetings were very inspirational. Alexander Makhortov told about his company “INVATech”. “INVATech” specializes in the conversion of vehicles from foot to manual control and in the manufacture of wheelchairs for special purposes. Just a few days before the seminar Alexander had opened a new car repair service. And the company had also launched a new line of wheelchairs for young mothers. The meeting was held in the format of a conversation, which turned out very lively. The participants of the seminar admitted that they had heard a lot of useful tips and life-hacks during this meeting.


Galina Palczewska shared her experience of running an event agency and searching the ways to attract customers. She emphasized that success could be achieved only when people do what they love.

Natalia Tsellulco spoke about her start-up – Kid Center operating according to the methods of Montessori. Natalia also dreams about the organization of integrated groups.


A businessman from Grodno Ivan Petushok talked about social entrepreneurship and how it develops in Belarus. Ivan is the owner of antikafe “Portal”. The café is for people (of any age!), who love to play board games and chat in an informal atmosphere.

The seminar lasted for two days. Those were the days of intense work, establishing contacts and exchange of experience. The participants were interested and active. We wish all the participants success and development!

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