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The second round. Are you ready to participate in new seminars?


We are delighted to inform you that we started the second round of business seminars “Foundations of Entrepreneurship. Internet marketing, promotion in social networks.” The updated program of the seminars includes the main issues of registration of individual entrepreneurship and handicrafts, taxation and reporting documentation. A capacious block of information is devoted to Internet marketing and to promoting goods and services in social networks. We will tell you about the methods of free online marketing, which help to form a client base and advertise your goods and services at the initial stage.

The first seminar was held in Ratomka on 15 – 16 June. The Center “Uzel” and the educational center “Aurora-Star” gathered listeners from different parts of the country in the estate “Os”. The audience was interesting and varied. Many of the participants had already registered private entrepreneurship. Some were going through registration stage, collecting the necessary documentation and overcoming obstacles in their paths. And some came to consult or share their experience. In addition to the official part and classes, there was time for informal communication. According to the participants, such communication not only allows getting to know each other better, but also is a nice rehabilitation. After all, it is an opportunity to see examples of struggle for the dream, victories over circumstances and examples of self-realization.


The speakers of the seminar were the professional trainers and mentors Tatyana Klimenko, Olga Poloshovets and Vitaly Chernyavsky, who were ready to answer any questions not only from theoretical knowledge, but also from personal practical experience.

In general, the first seminar showed the relevance and necessity of the stated topics. Therefore, we continue. Moreover, we are waiting for your suggestions on holding our seminars in your cities.

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