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An international forum “Available work and employment for people with disabilities” took place on May 17-18, 2017 in Vitebsk.

The Forum was organized by the Center for development of entrepreneurial activity of people with disabilities “Uzel” of the Charitable public Association “World without borders” together with the Vitebsk regional Executive Committee, with the participation of the Educational human rights institution “Office on the rights of people with disabilities”.

The event was held within the framework of the consolidated public information campaign “Accessibility Week”. The Forum was attended by representatives of authorities, public organizations, social services, CPAs, business community, as well as by scientists. The event attracted more than 250 people from five countries – Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and Moldova.

The forum began with welcoming words of the organizers. The first report was made by Sergey Drozdovsky, the director of the “Office on the rights of people with disabilities”. He spoke about the main global trends in the protection of the rights of people with disabilities in the realization of their right to work. Veronika Gerasimova, the head of the Center “Uzel”, presented the project, within which the Forum was organized, and told the participants about the activities of the Center and of the organization “World without borders”.

The two-day conference included four sections. The section “Social entrepreneurship and self-employment” was dedicated to the concept and phenomenon of social entrepreneurship in the Republic of Belarus, the possibilities of social entrepreneurship in solving the problems of realization of the right to work of people with disabilities. The progress of social entrepreneurs of our country, as well as the experience of the social service institutions of the Republic of Belarus in the organization of self-employment for people with disabilities were presented.

The topic of the section “Professional training, vocational training, career guidance of people with disabilities” included a discussion of career guidance and vocational training of people  with disabilities, ways of creating jobs for people with disabilities, measures of state support in the organization of self-employment. Educational institutions and social service institutions shared their experience in vocational training of people with disabilities.

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Activities of social service institutions, organization of employment and self-employment of people with disabilities, employment within the framework of labor adaptation and peculiarities of work of  non-profit organizations in this area, assistant services in the process of employment, sale of products manufactured by people with disabilities who attend local centers, organization of retail outlets in social service institutions – all these issues were discussed in the section “Activities of social service institutions towards the employment of people with disabilities: adaptation and employment“.

The forth section was devoted to the legal regulation of the realization of the right of people with disabilities to work. The question of the necessity of legal regulation of labor conditions for people with disabilities was raised. Medical aspects of employment of people with disabilities  were discussed, as well as the experience of non-governmental organizations for employment of people with disabilities.

For all the participants we organized excursions to the Kastrychnitski Territorial center of social service, to Vitebsk boarding house for the elderly and disabled, as well as to the companies “Elect” and “BelTIZ”.

At the end of the Forum “Available work and employment for people with disabilities” the resolution was adopted. It includes proposals generated by the participants as the result of their work in sections. Additions and corrections to the resolution will be accepted from the participants of the Forum until June 5th. We also decided to establish a working group on the implementation of the provisions of this resolution.

Thanks to everyone who participated in organizing and conducting the event. The CPA “World without borders” expresses special thanks to the Committee on labor, employment and social protection of the Vitebsk Executive Committee and to the “Office on the rights of people with disabilities”. Thanks a lot to all the participants and guests of the Forum for their fruitful work and active participation in discussions of the problems. We hope for further fruitful cooperation.

The draft resolution of the Forum “Affordable labor and employment for people with disabilities” can be downloaded here. Your proposals are accepted via e-mail  wwbcenter@tut.by or by phone +375 17 398 05 40,+375 44 543 44 67. Contact person – Veronika Gerasimova.

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