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A seminar in Malorita: purpose and motivation

семинар в малорите

Malaryta is a small town on the map of our country fifty kilometers from Brest. A few years ago, Malaryta hosted the Republican “Dazhynki”. That event made the city more modern and comfortable for life; now it is one of those places where you feel balance and peace.

Malaryta became the fifth city after Minsk, Ivenets, Vitebsk and Beshenkovichi, which was visited by the specialists of the Center of support of entrepreneurship for people with disabilities, organized on the basis of the Belarusian Public Association “World without borders”. Every month we conduct information and training sessions for people with disabilities, for the staff of employment centers, who are interested in starting a business. In fact, they are numerous. The myth that disabilities significantly reduce the chances of employment and self-employment is dispelled. Moreover, people with disabilities are increasingly looking for opportunities to work for themselves.

Here in Belarus, we have great examples of business success of people with disabilities in abundance. They are examples of the situations when the blows of fate didn’t break the man, but forced him to look at the world in new ways. “We have no disabilities, unless we think too much about them!” – said in conclusion to his speech, Alexey Talai, a regular participant of our seminars. The father of three children, a successful businessman, a famous motivational speaker who visited many parts of the world – it’s all about the man who lost both arms and legs when he was 16.

Alexei always gives incredible energy to his audience. People in the conference hall of Malorita Executive Committee were touched by the speech of this man. “We need to set a goal, just to put a reminder on the wall at home and every day, waking up and falling asleep, think about the aim”, – said Alexei to all those who may have doubts about the correctness of the chosen path.

Business in any form is a very difficult subject with many nuances and undercurrents. But this does not mean that someone is not suitable. Our work is to guide the man, lighting his way, to explain the inexplicable, to tell and show, to help avoid mistakes.

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The Secretary of the Melniksky basic school Edward Lavruk has long been thinking about starting an individual business. Edward is well versed in the workings of machines, he has many times provided repair services to his friends and acquaintances, and at one point he has realized that his skills can build a business. However, for the next step he lacked confidence and theoretical basis. Our workshop was the perfect opportunity for Edward to get both. Who knows, maybe very soon there will be one more successful businessman in Malaryta.

Individual entrepreneurship became a very important topic for another participant of the seminar – Svetlana Kasyanik. She came to Malorita from Ivatsevichy with her business plan to open a clothing repair business. By the way, her project became the winner in the nomination “Individual entrepreneurship” at the contest of business ideas conducted by our organization. Soon Svetlana will begin her business, and she had a lot of questions to ask. And she got all the answers.

Certainly, this does not mean that now entrepreneurship is an open book for Svetlana Kasyanik. But one of the fundamental principles of our activity is assistance to people with disabilities at every stage of their endeavors. With this purpose, the CPA “World without borders” has opened The center of business support of young people with disabilities, the experts of which are always ready to provide the necessary information, to help or to clarify unclear points that business people face quite often.

Needless to say, among our listeners there were people who had not yet decided in what sphere to begin business. For such people there was a lecture about choice during our workshop. The lecture was about the questions you need to ask yourself first, about how to navigate the pop-up variety, how to correctly assess the capabilities, analyze the competitive environment and present yourself in the market.

Svetlana Datsik-Kalishok has recently completed courses in desktop publishing using Corel. The cheerful woman, by fate confined to a wheelchair, publishes her own magazine about agritourism. Journalism is another Svetlana’s passion. Svetlana likes to write about nature, and wants to organize her homestead. But on what activity to focus? During the seminar we talked a lot on this topic. And now, I believe,  she will succeed in making her choice.

We were happy to help. Let’s move on.

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