Центр развития предпринимательской активности молодых людей с инвалидностью "Узел"

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Press Release

пресс релиз по конкурсу

The Center of Support of Entrepreneurship and Employment of Young People with Disabilities “Uzel” announces the completion of collecting bids for an Open competition of business ideas for small business. The competition is held with the aim to increase the number of business ideas that can be adapted for people with disabilities, and with the aim to improve the entrepreneurial activity of people with disabilities.

On Thursday, June 16 the jury meeting will take place at the business club “Imaguru”. The jury will name the winners of the competition. The jury include:

  • Ivan Bodarenko – the director of the ‘Business technology Event’ LLC;
  • Alexei Ignatov – the General Director of “Agency of Private Investments” LLC, economist, MBA, business coach;
  • Marina Roshchina – the director of reputation Agency “Steps to success”, a business-coach and master of political Sciences at mini MBA business school Kemmy Business School (Ireland);
  • Irina Sidorova – the director of a crowdfunding site “Hive”;
  • Daria Eskevich – a psychologist and curator of social projects;
  • Vitaly Jakubczyk – the Deputy Director on commercial questions of “Lidagroprommash”;
  • Tatiana Pojevskaya – the Chairman of the CPA “World without borders” – the Chairman of the jury

At the moment the jury get acquainted with the business ideas submitted to the competition. All in all, there are more than fifty applications. The ideas will be evaluated according to certain criteria:

  • the feasibility of the business idea in general;
  • the relevance of the topic;
  • the novelty of the idea, its modern, innovative approaches;
  • the availability of market for goods/services;
  • clear and logical description of the financial plan;
  • availability and amount of start-up capital;
  • social significance;
  • possible participation of people with disabilities in the implementation of the idea.

The prize Fund is 80 000 000 Br. The winner will receive 20 000 000 Br for the implementation of the business idea.

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