Центр развития предпринимательской активности молодых людей с инвалидностью "Узел"

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Reaping the first fruits


On 25 July the second meeting of the participants of the seminar “Fundamentals of entrepreneurship” (the first meeting took place on 24 June) was organized on the basis of Vitebsk city employment center. The participants met to share their first success in business and also to get answers to their questions. For the organizers the second meeting was important for summing up of the first workshop and for the evaluation of its effectiveness over time. We can happily say that there are some positive results!


After the first meeting one of its participants Svetlana Kharitonchik turned to the office of employment and received a grant for the organization of her own business. Now she is a registered artisan and is working legally. Congratulations to Svetlana and we wish her further success! And we will support her.


Julia Argunova came to the first meeting as an artisan. Now she wants to register an individual enterprise to expand production and to hire workers. Julia told us that now she is looking for employees. She plans to begin working as an IE in September.

A massage therapist, Natalia Ivanova (visual disabilities) after the first workshop decided to start her own business as an individual entrepreneur. During the second meeting she was able to ask questions about the legalization of the services of a masseur. Now she plans to open a massage parlour.

The meeting was attended by 11 people. And everyone had a positive result to share. Many of the participants became friends, they shared experience, helped one another in problem solving.


 We saw once again that the seminars on the basics of entrepreneurship have positive results for the participants. They not only inform people with disabilities about the possibilities of the organization of self-employment, but they are also a huge motivational boost for those who are willing to organize their own business. We wish all the participants not to lose faith in themselves, to be persistent and achieve their goals. Never give up! We believe in you!

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