Центр развития предпринимательской активности молодых людей с инвалидностью "Узел"

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The first “SMMstart” was successful! We are waiting for the results.


From October 12th to October 14th, the first master class on promotion in social networks for beginners “SMMstart” was held on the basis of the Territorial Social Service Center of the Moscow District of Minsk. The master class was organized by the Center “Uzel” and the educational center “Aurora-Star” with the information support of the portal “Remesla.by”.

Ten young people with disabilities who understand the importance of online promotion of goods and services took part in the master class. Among the participants of the master class, there were craftsmen and entrepreneurs who realized that without competent online promotion it’s almost impossible to develop business, especially at the initial stage.

Of course, the master class suggested practical classes. However, there is no practice without theory! Therefore, we started the master class with the study of legislation in the field of online advertising. It turned out that online promotion is not a simple task in our country, but we are not afraid of difficulties. Moreover, in connection with the liberalization of the legislation in the sphere of entrepreneurial and artisanal activity, there is hope for some changes in this area.

The artisan Svetlana Pashukevich shared her experience in promoting the group and working with clients online. She has been engaged in soap making since June and successfully promotes her group “Kuragan” VKontakte. Svetlana shared her experience and practical advice, showed examples of posts and content of various kinds and told how she expanded the audience of subscribers from 100 to 800 people over several months. However, some information on the legislation in the field of online advertising was new even to her.

Vitaly Chernyavsky, a specialist in promotion in social networks, began classes with an overview of the online market of handicrafts. Each participant worked on a personal computer with access to the Internet, thanks to the Territorial Center for Social Services for the Population of the Moscow District, which hospitably welcomed us.

For the next two days, the participants of the master class were working hard. They created VKontakte groups (for practical classes this social network was chosen) to promote their goods and services, filled these groups with functional content and invited subscribers. On Saturday, much attention was paid to the individual promotion content plans for every participant. Each participant got personal advice from the coach and certainly a certificate.

However, the most important thing is that all the participants now have ready profiles for further promotion and a work plan for the next month.

You can have a look at the profiles here:



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