Центр развития предпринимательской активности молодых людей с инвалидностью "Узел"

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We can!


The Day of the City pleased the residents and the guests of the capital with many interesting events. One of them was the exhibition-fair “I can!”, which was held on 4 September not far from Minsk City Hall. Young people with disabilities from various social service agencies and those who work independently as artisans from across the country presented their handmade art pieces: jewelry made of leather, beads and vines, original wooden dishes, clay whistles and figurines, handmade candles and soap, linen tablecloths, potholders and towels, handbags, woolen hats and gloves, knitted toys and cushions, and even garden furniture! Everything was made by hand and with great love.

Even those, who came to the exhibition-fair by chance, couldn’t pass up and bought something. All the participants were able to show their work, to assess the demand for the handmade products, to share experiences and to establish contacts. And most importantly, they showed that the result depends on the desire to achieve it. In General, the fair was a success! Thanks to everyone who took part in it, came as a visitor and was with us on this partly rainy, but very good day!

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