Центр развития предпринимательской активности молодых людей с инвалидностью "Узел"

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Yes! We managed!

я могу

On September 10, 2017, the Minsk City Hall hosted an exhibition-fair “I can!”. The products and services were presented by people with disabilities. The event was attended by artisans and individual entrepreneurs with disabilities from throughout the country. Handicraft products were also provided by social service institutions and workshops.

The peculiarity of this year’s exhibition-fair was that entrepreneurs were able to present not only their goods but also services. For example, the educational center “Aurora-Star” (http://www.avrorastar.by) and the spa-cabinet “Altea SPATUR” (https://vk.com/alteyaspatour), headed by Olga Poloshovets, presented their services. In the educational center, more than 50% of employees are people with disabilities. Some of the employees of the spa-cabinet are also people with disabilities. During the fair, Olga and the employees of her institutions had a wonderful opportunity to tell their potential clients more about their services and to prove to the participants and guests of the exhibition that business sphere is accessible to everybody.

The new line of activity was presented by InvaTech company  (http://inva-avto.by). They are the permanent partners of the CPA “World without Borders”. Now the company plans to manufacture designer clothes under the “InvaTech” brand. But they don’t forget about their primary activities. The director of the company, Alexander Makhortov, brought to the fair the latest innovations of his enterprise – active wheelchairs. One of them, by the way, will go to Warsaw for the ” Miss Wheelchair World”. You can support its owner, Alexandra Chichikova by voting here: http://misswheelchairworld.com/en/miss,2,aleksandra-chichikova.html.

Undoubtedly, the exhibition-fair pleased the lovers of handmade gifts. More than 70 participants brought their works to the exhibition-fair. People with disabilities showed their boundless possibilities. Julia Ardynova showed clothes and accessories from felted wool. Julia is an artisan with profound experience. She makes real masterpieces in her workshop “Nevalyashka arD” (https://vk.com/nevalyashkaard): from small costume jewelry to warm coats.

Still a beginner, but a very talented artisan Svetlana Pashukevich pleased the guests with “delicious” handmade soap “Kuragan” (https://vk.com/kuraganpodarki). The soap looks very nice! 

The head of the social project “Territory of People”, director of the “Golden Ribbon” store Ales Tsumarev (https: //www.facebook .com / profile.php? id = 100007711457264 & fref = ts) brought handmade gifts, in which much effort, warmth and positive energy was invested. The “Golden Ribbon” store is located in Mogilev and specializes in handmade souvenirs made by people with disabilities.

The most lovely interior toys (https://vk.com/samie_igruhki) came from Kirovsk from the Territorial Center of Social Services of the Kirov District. Each toy, by the way, has supernormal abilities: protects from nightmares, helps find your love, or strengthens your connection with your ancestors.

For amateurs of handmade creativity, multiple master classes were organized. They had an opportunity to weave a basket, or to knit a hat. 

In general, during the fair “I can!” one could find handmade souvenirs and gifts for every taste, and to dress oneself from head to toe, to find unique decorations for the house. Of course, there is a reason for frustration among those who did not manage to come. But you can watch the photo and choose something for yourself. Contact us and we will help.

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