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“Beauty master”: thank you! It was beautiful!

мастер класс

On January 25 – 27, 2017 the Center held a master class “Beauty master” for people with disabilities on the organization of a private business in the service area. The organizers were the Centre “Uzel” and the educational centre “Avrora-Star.” The participants were 14 people with disabilities from different cities of our country. There were representatives of Brest, Gomel, Korelichi, Kirovsk, Zhodino, Smalyavichy and, of course, Minsk. All of them are motivated to start their own business.

The first day of the master class was devoted to theory, because to start a business it is necessary to study all aspects, including legalization, taxation, and other regulations and requirements. For this reason, the participants discussed the procedure for registration of individual entrepreneurship, all kinds of taxation, health standards and requirements to organization of working space with Tatiana Klimenko, a lawyer and co-founder of the educational centre “Avrora-Star”. We talked about the most popular business areas in beauty industry. The Director and co-founder of the education center, the owner of the Spa “Althea SPAtour” spoke up as an expert in this subject. She is a successful entrepreneur and mother of three children, in spite of her disability of the first group due to complete loss of vision. So, the first day of the master class was really meaningful!

The second day of the master class was dedicated to body and face care. Everyone wanted to become a model for Spa-procedures, but that can’t  be said about depilation procedures. The participants under the guidance of coaches, professional masters, Olga Polakovic and Ludmila Wachowich, took part in carrying out Spa treatments “Almond wrap”, which culminated in a tea ceremony and tying aroma bracelets.

Lyudmila Wachowicz showed the participants how to do leg waxing. Further, the participants took part  in eyebrows correction and learned about eyebrow and eyelash care. After lunch, the participants of the master class under the guidance of an experienced massage therapist and the owner of the Spa Olga Polakovic had a session of classical massage.

The third day was devoted to the hand and nail care. We not only talked, but also and tried. The participants learned about the latest fashion trends in nail design. First on paper, and then on the nails of volunteers, they created their own unique design.

The master-class ended with a round table presentation of certificates. The organizers heard a lot of positive feedback. Words of gratitude were addressed to the organizers, coaches, volunteers, and models. And most importantly, participants spoke about the fact that they had received actual knowledge, which they are going to use in the organization of their business. I hope that the master class will truly be a good start for all participants. We are happy to support all initiatives!

P.S. thank you! It was beautiful!

One thought on ““Beauty master”: thank you! It was beautiful!”

  1. Всем доброго времени суток.Прошло уже три недели после мастер-класса,но я до сих пор нахожусь под приятным впечатлением.За три дня мероприятия получено большое количество необходимых знаний,полезной информации и и куча положительных эмоций.Великолепная работа преподавателей позволяла вполне доступно понимать необходимый материал.Важно отметить превосходную организацию мероприятия,хорошее питание ,комфортное проживание,а также отличную работу волонтеров.
    Огромное спасибо организаторам ,преподавателям и волонтерам за проведенное мероприятие.Надеюсь в дальнейшем посетить еще не одно мероприятие подобного плана.

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