Центр развития предпринимательской активности молодых людей с инвалидностью "Узел"

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How children from Bogushevsk became soap makers.


Our “HobbyBusiness” (a master class on the organization of self-employment in the sphere of handicraft and decorative activities) is the most popular seminar among all the activities of the Center “Uzel”. From January 18 to 22, we held the fourth “HobbyBusiness” in the “Os” estate. The pupils of the department of the accompanied residence of the Bogushevsk boarding house took part in this seminar. The young people in the department live by the principle of self-sufficiency. All that is necessary for life, they produce themselves or buy for money they earn themselves. The aim of the department is to prepare the pupils for independent life after the graduation. Therefore, the employees and pupils are in constant search for new promising activities that could supplement the budget and become a source of income for graduates in their future independent life.

The first day of the master class was dedicated to ceramics. The masters of the creative workshop “Club of Masters” engaged the participants in the work with malleable clay. They made wonderful souvenirs, candlesticks, handmade utensils together. Ceramists showed different techniques of work, shared professional secrets and gave advice on the sale of products. We plan to continue this kind of activity in Bogushevsk. The pupils will be engaged in glazing and decoration of their products.

The master class on soap making became the most impressive event for the participants. All day long, the pupils and employees were “cooking” soap under the guidance of the most popular soap-master in our country, Anna Dundukova. Soap-making amazed all the participants by the fact that as a result of a complex of simple actions, an amazing result is obtained. During the day, the participants managed to make four different types of handmade soaps: a snowflake, a soapy “cupcake”, a coffee scrub and soap bars with pictures. Anna explained in detail about the materials, types of soap and methods of advertising and sales. The participants were so inspired by this kind of activity that they firmly decided to continue soup making in Bogushevsk, and even purchased the necessary materials to continue their creative experiments.  

During the master class, the lawyer of the center “Uzel” Tatiana Klimenko paid much attention to the organization of handicraft activities in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, as well as to the organization of sales on the basis of the boarding houses.

During the seminar, an exchange of experience was organized. The participants visited the “ArtIdea” company, where people with disabilities work. The enterprise produces polygraphic products of a wide spectrum, as well as souvenirs. The head of the enterprise Natalia Ampleeva told about the peculiarities of the organization of the educational process, and also shared the experience of employment of people with disabilities. A tea-party was a pleasant end of the seminar day.

We finished the seminar with a scrapbooking class, which was conducted by the “HobbyLand” studio. Participants made their own sketch-books, where they can now record their thoughts and impressions. By the way, they have a lot of impressions after the master-classes! And many new creative ideas! We know that they will succeed.

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