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Hobbybusiness. Informative and inspiring


What a pleasure it is to work when your work is inspiring for the participants, volunteers, bystanders, and colleagues. We held a really inspiring master class. And, by the way, we have inspired one more volunteer – Dmitry Gresev. He is the author of this report. Dima, sorry for some edits. They are few, well done!

On February 14 – 16, 2017, the Centre for development of entrepreneurial activity of people with disabilities “Uzel” of the Charitable public Association “World without borders” and Educational Center “Aurora Star” held a master class for people with disabilities. The subject of the master class “Hobbybusiness” was the organization of a private business in the area of crafts. The participants of the master class came from different cities. They gathered to receive information, improve skills, and get the support they needed. All the 15 participants of the master class are people with disabilities with a mutual goal: they want to take their rightful place in life through the acquisition of new knowledge and realization of their capabilities. Coaches with great experience helped the participants to discover their own potential and to overcome all the difficulties.

The agenda of the first day was to obtain theoretical information about the basics of organization and registration of handicraft, entrepreneurship, taxation, benefits for people with disabilities and other standards and requirements. A very experienced lawyer Tatyana Klymenko and a mentor with extensive experience in business Olga Volosovez answered numerous questions. The day was intense and even difficult. However, cheerful and friendly atmosphere and a cohesive common goal of the team helped the participants get only positive emotions and stay in excellent mood.

After dinner, an artist-member of Belarusian Union of designers Tatyana Gomza told the participants about exciting trends in art and design. She also presented some remarkable pieces of art made from amazing and unusual things. Trash art, eco-art, fоund-art – all these trends prove that any object can be turned into a work of art. Tatyana proved that one can create beauty only with the help of ordinary things. Imagination is a great force! However, one should train and work to achieve results.

We had some practical classes in weaving and soap making on the second day. The participants worked as a very close-knit team. They learned the basics of vines and bark weaving. It turned out that for weaving you need to have strong hands and lots of patience. Moreover, you can’t purchase the material. You need to harvest it yourself. The trainer in weaving, Denis Markov, not only taught the participants of the master class the basics of weaving, but also shared the secrets of harvesting. Denis, who is also as a member of the Belarusian Union of folk art masters, told about the rules of membership and the opportunities that it gives. Each participant made a birch bark star and a mug pad from vine. Everyone got warm impressions and emotions from communication and collaboration.

After lunch, Anna Dundukova, a master with extensive experience and creativity, a guru of soapmaking, conducted her master class. Anna has been engaged in soap production for four years. During this time, the master gathered a large client base. Her work has been produced under her own brand “Dreva”. Anna shared her skills in soap making, her secrets for successful customer service and many “life hacks” from her own experience with the participants, who made their first fragrant soap bars.

On the third day, the participants had another interesting workshop. The coach, Julia Argunova. a craftswoman, participant of numerous exhibitions, the winner of creative competitions, shared her skills in felting. Julia creates interesting things from wool – toys, clothes, etc. During the masterclass Julia was wearing a dress of her own work. Felting is truly mesmerizing, the process itself makes you wonder on the go! Clumps of wool are transformed into cute and colorful things.

The master-class ended with a round table discussion. We heard many words of gratitude to the artists, coaches, trainers, mentors and, of course, to the organizers of this event and volunteers, who every moment were ready to help. Each participant received a certificate of participation.

The participants went home with new knowledge and skills, motivated to action. We hope that it the seminar helped the participant make a confident step forward on the path to self-realization. We wish you to find you path in life according to what the great philosopher Confucius said: “Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”.

Great success to all those who want to make the world a better place!

Special correspondent Dmitry GRESEV

5 thoughts on “Hobbybusiness. Informative and inspiring”

  1. Доброго времени суток. Хочется выразить слова благодарности всем кто был причастен к семинару “ХоббиБизнес”
    Организация была продумана до мелочей, а именно
    Доступная среда.
    – Трансфер
    – Удобство в размещении, комфорт.
    – Питание (как дома).
    Огромное спасибо Денису хозяину усадьбы “Ос” за уют, комфорт и гостеприимство.
    – Простота изложенного материала. Четко, ясно только то что нужно нам на данный момент. Татьяне Клименко за профессионализм.
    Интересны и увлекательные мастер-классы. Мастера выложались по полной, искренне делились опытом работы и своими профессиональными секретами.
    – волонтеры которые помогали во всем и поддерживали чистоту после наших мастер-классов.
    Ребята спасибо вам за ваш сплаченный коллектив. Ольге Михайловне за мотивацию и хороший пример к чему нужно стремится.(А еще за сертификаты выданные нам без указания наших ограниченных возможностей.
    Спасибо всем кто приехал и организовал это семинар.

  2. Доброе время суток. Я тоже присоединяюсь к тёплым словам Юли. Да всё прошло по 10 балн.системе.Весь персонал и волонтёры были внимательны. Все мастер – классы были проведены отлично. Осебенно мастер -класс по мыловарению. Я после приезда домой,уже купила всё что нужно для изготовления мыла и начинаю его делать дома,чтоб потом подарить близким людям.
    А в целом всё было отлично, спасибо всем за тёплый приём и тем кто его организовал.Всё это нам пойдёт на пользу.

    1. Д.Д.Я все свои работы уже показала нашему наставнику Ане.Вот уже сама на работе проводила со своими людьми мастер- класс.Все свои работы я уже раздарила родственникам и друзьям.

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