Центр развития предпринимательской активности молодых людей с инвалидностью "Узел"

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The United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) supports projects that increase the voice of civil society, promote human rights and encourage participation of all groups in democratic processes. This is the only UN entitiy that has the word “democracy” in its name, and it’s the only UN entity the main objective of which is to support democracy through the empowerment of civil society.  UNDEF is also one of the youngest entities in the UN system. Since the creation of the United Nations Democracy Fund as a United Nations General Trust Fund by Secretary-General Kofi Annan in 2005, it has supported more than 600 projects in more than 120 countries. Total costs amounted to over 150 million US dollars. The range of projects is very wide: from supporting the efforts of civil society to ensure accountability and transparency to building capacity for strengthening good governance and the rule of law. A large part of the UNDEF funds is directed to local civil society organizations in countries at different stages of democratization: both at transitional stages to democracy and  at the stages of democracy consolidation. In this respect, UNDEF plays a new, special and unique role, complementing and deepening traditional work with governments to strengthen democratic governance around the world. UNDEF projects fall under seven main areas;

  • Community Activism
  • Rule of Law and Human Rights
  • Tools for Knowledge
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Youth Engagement
  • Media and Freedom of Information
  • Strengthening Civil Society Capacity for Interaction with Government

Charitable public Association “World without borders” took part in the grant competition held by the United Nations Democracy Fund. The project “Еmpowering Young People with Disabilities through the Right to Еmployment and Еntrepreneurship” was approved and now it’s being implemented by the CPA in the Republic of Belarus with the support of the UNDEF. For further information on the activities of the UNDEF you can visit the UNDEF website.

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