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Open competition of business ideas for small business


The Center of Support of Entrepreneurship and Employment of Young People with Disabilities “Uzel” announces the start of the Open competition of business ideas for small business with a prize fund of four thousand dollars. To participate in the contest one needs to develop a project proposal for small business, entrepreneurship or handicrafts. The contest is open to individuals and legal persons, youth, students and graduates, entrepreneurs and those who want to become them, without any age or professional restrictions. The number of applications from a single author or a group of authors is not limited.

Competition business projects should be available for realization by people with disabilities. Areas for business projects:

  • agriculture, agro-ecotourism;
  • decorative and applied activities;
  • event activity, cultural and educational events;
  • provision of services to the population;
  • promotional activities;
  • courier services.

The competition is held with the aim of selecting, assessing and managing business ideas that can increase entrepreneurial activity among people with disabilities.

To participate in the contest, you should complete the application, attach a description of the business idea in accordance with the plan and send it

  • by e-mail wwbcenter@tut.by with a mark “Competition”
  • or to the office of the CPA “World without borders” on an electronic carrier. Address: Brestskaya st. 34, of. 76, 220099, Minsk.

The application deadline is May 31, 2016.

The winners of the contest in different categories will be determined by the jury. The Jury will include:

  • experts in the field of entrepreneurship and economics,
  • specialists in working with people with disabilities,
  • medical experts,
  • people with disabilities, who managed to create successful business,
  • staff of the CPA “World without borders”.

The jury will assess the feasibility of business ideas in technical, financial, legal and other components, their relevance and novelty, potential and prospects, social significance and the degree of possible participation of people with disabilities in the realization of the business ideas. More information on the dates, assessment criteria and fields of realization of business ideas can be found in the Regulation of the Competition.

The announcement of the competition results and awarding winners will be held from June 21 to 30, 2016.

Taking part in the competition, you not only get the opportunity to win a valuable prize, but also will help people with disabilities find new business ideas. We can work together to connect ideas and opportunities for a better future!

For more information, please call 8029-568-38-86, 8044-543-44-67, 8017-398-12-40 (Veronica Gerasimova).

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