Центр развития предпринимательской активности молодых людей с инвалидностью "Узел"

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CPA “World Without Borders”


Charitable Public Association “World Without Borders” has taken good care of children who need support for many years already. State significant charitable actions are being fulfilled, unique creative projects are being organized. мир без границNot a single day passes without concrete help to concrete little citizens of Belarus who need attention. People of different age, nationality, religion became like-minded and bring ahead the relay race of kind initiative. Our friends and partners live in Belarus, Sweden, Poland, other countries. But borders can’t prevent people from creating GOOD together. Since 2000 CPA “World without borders” has been providing assistance and support to children and young people who have a need for this. In 2004 the organization with the support of the Swedish partners started to implement projects to support children and young people with disabilities. CPA “World without borders” objectives:

  • providing comprehensive assistance and support (social, educational, psychological, information and legal, financial etc.) to children and adolescents who have a need for this, as well as to their families;
  • familiarization of the personnel of special institutions, different agencies and organizations, as well as all people concerned with alternative forms of work;
  • testing and dissemination of best practices of work aimed at improving the quality of life of children and adolescents;
  • assistance in strengthening the authority and role of family, improving the psihologo-pedagogical culture of parents;
  • promoting employment and entrepreneurship for young people with disabilities.

Helping children and young people with disabilities is one of the main activities of the CPA. Currently three projects are being implemented. Their global objective is to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities. The project “Chance for Everyone” is aimed at improving the conditions for social adaptation of pupils of boarding houses for children and young people with disabilities, the development of independence and encouraging their participation in everyday life of the society. In another project we intend to open an experimental rehabilitation group for children with severe and multiple disabilities in one of the house-boarding schools. We suppose to describe and analyze the experience and to promote the implementation in practice of social work in the Republic of Belarus. These projects are supported by the Swedish partners. The project “Empowering Young People with Disabilities through the Right to Employment and Entrepreneurship” has been launched this year with the support of the UNDEF. In the framework of this project a Center for support of entrepreneurship and employment of young people with disabilities has been established.

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